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“What’s the best trip you’ve been on?”

When traveling I enjoy multiple aspects of a destination.

Rather it be the food, weather, architectural aesthetic, the traffic, or just the overall culture. I like different places for different reasons. 

With all the places I’ve been, It’s hard to choose, so I’ve chose 3 (in no particular order). 


My self, in London England.

During my undergrad career while pursuing my engineering degree I had the pleasure to study abroad in England. Explored multiple museum, restaurants,  research labs, pubs, art galleries, and more. 


For a brothers birthday we ventured to Amsterdam, Netherlands. While there, we took a train to Brussels and toured through the town for mussels and chocolate. 

Back in the town, after two shots of absinthe and ending up at a club called Bitterzoet, I left Amsterdam on a good note. 

The impromptu trip to Copenhagen Denmark is a story in itself that I’ll get to later. 

St Maarten 

St Marteen

With the purpose of celebrating one of my closest friends birthdays, we ventured thousands of miles across the sea to an island I never heard of. A beautiful one at that. Thankfully I ended up getting stranded there for four extra days due to flight complications, which was a blessing in disguise. 

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